tulip springtime symphony poem You may like the spring and summer months, but there’s a price to pay once everyone ventures outside.  Read Springtime Symphony from The Lost Property Window

Soon the heat begins to peak

There're barbecues and meals that reek

The trampolines and swimming pools

Increase the noise beyond the tools

Old cars choke, their owners swear

Dogs just howl and sirens blare

Strange that no one ever dares

To stand their ground and yell, ‘I care!’

Now the hammers bang and chime

Electric drills compete in time

A chainsaw screams, ‘I am the king

While lesser tools just cower and ring

Hedges chopped and trees hacked down

What ’er the job, it shakes the ground

Then joy, the kids next door are out

With noisy gizmos, aid the rout

Alas, the mayhem runs unchecked

There are no folks who will object

For God's sake, can’t you hear the mess?

Or realize it’s you who are the pests?

What will it take to quell your fun?

A dick head with a gun?

I know you think me some old loon

In fact I am the month of June.

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